Hi, I'm Sara Razz!


As a child of TV, magazines and the internet, I became interested in advertisements, writing, creative visuals, social media, the web & apps.

With over 8 years of professional experience in content creation, design, digital marketing, web, e-commerce, copywriting & microcopy, plus over 2 years of experience in mobile application development, I aspire to be a part of a company that aims to create a massive impact on its users, customers, clients, and communities.



  • Agile Scrum
  • UX/UI
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Elementor


  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Procreate
  • Canva Pro


  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Blogs & SEO
  • UX Writing
  • Microcopy


  • Excel / Sheets
  • Powerpoint / Keynote
  • Word / Docs
  • Notion
  • ClickUp
  • Trello
education & participation


Certified SAFe® 5 Product Owner/Product Manager
Scaled Agile, Inc.

Train The Trainer (TTT)
HRDF Malaysia

Digital Marketing Professional
Digital Marketing Institute

2011-2014 | 2.91 CGPA
B. Sc (Hons) Architecture
University of Malaya

2010-2011 | 3.87 CGPA & Band 4 MUET
Pusat Asasi Sains
Universiti Malaya (PASUM)

2005-2009 | 9A’s SPM & 8A’s PMR
SMK Jalan Tiga Bandar Baru Bangi


Business Professional Women (BPW) – 2021/20
HRDF Train The Trainer (TTT) – 2021
Crew & Facilitator Hackalaunch – 2019/20
T.Harv Eker Millionaire Business Secrets – 2019
Emcee for GHL Group Annual Dinner – 2019
Business Network International (BNI) – 2016/17
Epic Homes Workshop Facilitator – 2015
LO for UM-ITB-UNPAR Student Exchange – 2012/13
Emcee for Inter-Uni Arch. Workshop (Dualisma) – 2013
Champion Girls Basketball SUKMUM – 2012
WWF Tx2 Double or Nothing Volunteer – 2010
Assistant Head Prefect – 2009
School Leadership Award – 2009
Facilitator in Science Exploration Camp – 2008
Selangor Scouts Firemanship Courses – 2008
Malaysia-Japan Homestay Program – 2008
Malaysian Scouts Jamboree – 2006
Taekwondo  – 2006


Oct 2022 - current

Product Owner | WHIP Mobility Sdn. Bhd.

As the PO, I get to decide on the details of a user story by discussing the requirements with the business stakeholders, clients and developers. I am also responsible for prioritizing the user stories backlog on ClickUp.

With my experience in UX design & writing microcopies, as well as basic knowledge in developing codes, I can better outline the features my team is working on. Furthermore, I enjoy creating the process flow & diagrams as I am well-versed with software such as Figma, FigmaJam or Miro.

Since our company implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), as the PO, I have to get in-synced with the Product Manager and Business Stakeholder regarding the product roadmap. I also have to lead the meetings for my agile team during PI Planning, Iteration Planning,

Review & Retrospective. Then, I need to assist with the knowledge transfer to the Customer Success team and demonstrate our builds to the stakeholders. I also help the data team by providing ideas on collecting data from the features my team has built.

Jul 2022 - Oct 2022

Analyst | WHIP Mobility Sdn. Bhd.

As an analyst, I get to be part of an agile team while offering UX writing consultations such as, the microcopy for buttons, error messages, disclaimers, or UI displays. My main task here is to assist the Product Owner of my team in writing the details of user stories and the documentation of our latest builds/features for the Customer Success team and clients.

Aug 2021 - Oct 2021

UX Writer | WHIP Mobility Sdn. Bhd.

This role lets me jump into the UX/UI and app world. UX writing has a slightly different approach than marketing and blog writing as it deals with more microcopies vs longer copywriting. UX writing has to be clear, precise, and short while still being friendly to the user and keeping the company’s brand voice intact. I create, edit and proofread writeups as short as CTA on buttons, placeholders, disclaimers, and email contents, to long passages such as privacy policies, terms and conditions, and app descriptions on the app stores.

Being part of the UX team, I also did some UI works on Figma for our mobile applications, & created a competitive analysis in terms of branding, UI, graphics & brand voice. Aside from that, I designed some email formats and produced/edited the email HTML & CSS.

Nov 2021 - June 2022

Sr. Associate, Content & SEO | SHOPLINE Malaysia

As the content & SEO specialist, my primary role is to create copywriting for the SHOPLINE Malaysia blog and newsletter and manage their social media.

To write the content, I must study all the product lines in SHOPLINE and find suitable keywords for the articles. We use Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. I then prepare the keyword report and suggest relevant blog topics. I write 1 post each week and design the supporting images. Once the article is approved, I will draft the article in WordPress and add other elements with Elementor. I will make sure the SEO and readability score turns green. I also need to monitor the blog & website’s analytics & performance in Google Analytics and make any adjustments for optimisation.

As for the newsletters, I suggest topics and content based on our products and campaigns. Once approved, I draft them into MailChimp, where our in-house graphic designer will take over to beautify the content. Then, I will send tests and tweak it to perfection. Finally, I’ll get the latest audience list, update the tags and update before blasting.

My role in managing the social media includes suggesting the topics and writing up the caption and poster content. I then notify our in-house designers to create the posters. After that, I schedule the posts on Instagram and Facebook via Facebook Creator Studio. Occasionally, I am on standby for design edits.

Sep 2020 - Jul 2021

Content & Web Designer | ThinkAds.co

My central role is to create websites for the company’s clients, usually small local businesses from various industries such as fashion, consultation, property, & education. In addition, I have worked on microsites, landing pages, sales pages, & e-commerce.

I am on a project from A-Z, starting with getting content & materials from the clients. Then I design & compose a wireframe using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. Usually, I will have to conduct more research to add on and complete the given copywriting for SEO. Then, using raw images provided, I create graphic visuals for the website and save in the correct size & name.

To build these websites, I use WordPress as the CMS. Once the layout is approved, I build the web pages (upload photos, writeups & articles) using page builders such as Elementor, Visual Composer, Muffin Builder, & Thrive Architects. Next, HTML & CSS is used to create forms & make adjustments to the designs, especially for tablet & mobile responsive view. Finally, I tested the UX/UI of the website and proofread the copywriting. Then, if required, I make the necessary adjustments.

Other than websites, I occasionally design digital graphic visuals such as social media posters, pictures or banners.

Jul 2018 - Aug 2020

Sr. Marketing Associate | GHL ePayments Sdn Bhd (eGHL)

Starting as a Marketing Associate, I have 3 prominent roles in this Fintech company; the content creator, the copywriter & the website manager. In addition, with my designing skills, I also act as the 2nd in-house designer.

My primary task is to create the content calendar for social media, newsletters and blog posts. With the HQ in Malaysia, the company has branches in Indonesia, Thailand & Philippines. Thus, I create content for internal & external audiences across the region and communicate with the regional team to get the content, context and translations. I research ideas & festivities in the area, then organize the topics into the calendar along with other promotional ideas & briefs from the manager or HR team. Next, I create the copywriting & visuals (poster/banner/photo/GIF) with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or Canva. Once approved, I upload & schedule them to be published.

I have written & designed for all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn), websites, brochures, newsletters, magazine publications, digital/print ads & all other marketing materials.

My significant achievement is revamping the company’s official website, where I created everything – the copywriting for SEO, wireframe and page layout, curate artwork made by the leading designer. And then build the website using WordPress, HTML & CSS. With some help from the developer’s team, I also learnt some JavaScript. I was the main person who edited & upload updates on the website. I also monitor the analytics.

Nov 2015 - current

Entrepreneur, Blogger & Designer | EverydayPlanners.com

I sell custom diary planners via Facebook, Instagram & website. This small business sparked my interest in online business & digital marketing. Starting this business encouraged me to explore WordPress CMS, page builders, Facebook Pixels & Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner & SEO, copywriting, product creation and positioning. From 2015-2021, I sold 500-1000 pieces of planners; nationwide & to Singapore; within 4 months (November-January).

I design the planners from scratch, from contents to box, using Adobe InDesign/Illustrator & print them at a local factory. I create & write for blogs, social media & advertising to promote the planners. I take photos, record videos and edit them for all marketing materials.

Jul 2015 - Jul 2018

Freelance Designer | Giganto Creative Studio

I created an enterprise company for graphic & web design services. My clients are small local businesses from various industries such as fashion, f&b, retail, & manufacturers. For websites, I have worked on microsites, landing pages, sales pages, & e-commerce. For graphic designs, I mainly created Facebook Ads visuals, brochures, bunting, e-book or video covers, business cards and logos.

Nov 2014 - May 2015

Marketing Executive | HealthPro Solutions Sdn Bhd

This company provide HRDF-certified wellness programs in Malaysia & Singapore. My primary duty is to promote these roles to the HR department of MNC & GLC companies. Some HR I deal with are Bursa Malaysia, Bank Muamalat, RHB Bank, Etiqa, PIDM, Axiata, BMW & EPF.

My daily task includes telemarketing & emailing program materials to secure an appointment with the HR heads. During a meeting, I will consult on which program is the most suitable, then present the appropriate programs. Once a program is confirmed, I help set the venue, date & documents with the administrations. Finally, if required, I attend the agenda as a facilitator.

Other tasks I voluntarily created beyond my given job scope were:

  • Adjusting the content of sales presentations & improving the layout
  • Worked with an outsourced designer to produce program materials.
  • Edit the Wellness Newsletter designs for Bank Muamalat.

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Intern | C’Arch Architecture

I primarily work with CAD and Adobe Photoshop to produce drawings for project publications. One was featured on ArchDaily.com, which is still available at the link below.



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